Statements from our partners detailing the importance of PSH in the clean energy transition and the role of the Forum

"Pumped storage will provide long duration energy storage that will become increasingly valuable in future as shares of variable renewable energy increase. The U.S. Department of Energy is keen to work with all participants to learn from each other to share experience and best practices."

Daniel R Simmons, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), U.S. Department of Energy

"Greece will need a lot of storage capacity and pumped storage provides a well-tested mature technology. The Forum is an excellent initiative to share best practices, experience, knowledge and move forward."

Gerassimos Thomas, Deputy Minister for Energy and Natural Resources, Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy, Greece

"We strongly believe that pumped storage is the proven, renewable and most cost-effective large-scale energy storage solution to ensure a smooth energy transition. A joint effort by all stakeholders is critical to move fast and to create investment conditions that are necessary to build a business case for new projects. GE is pleased to lead the working group on ‘Policy and market frameworks’ that aims to create exactly these best possible conditions for the development of pumped storage."

Pascal Radue, CEO, GE Renewable Energy Hydro Solutions

"The Energy Research Office (EPE) is finding and removing market barriers that will support the deployment of pumped storage in Brazil whenever it is economically and environmentally feasible and competitive. We are sure that taking part in this Forum will help us to improve our understanding."

Renato Haddad, Deputy Head of Department for Power Generation Studies, Energy Research Office (EPE), Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil

"Pumped storage hydropower will play an important role in the effective integration of variable renewable energy (VRE) technologies in Australia. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in this forum, and we look forward to working with you to support the global deployment and operation of pumped storage hydropower."

Evangelista Albertini, CEO, Hydro Tasmania

"The Moroccan Government has proceeded with energy reforms based on national energy strategy. The link with pumped storage is how to encourage, explore and manage our endogenous pumped storage resources. At this Forum, we would like to explore the optimal energy storage strategy and compare different technologies such as hydrogen, batteries and pumped storage. "

Moulay Abdellah ZOUBIR IDRISSI, Director of Electricity at Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment, Morocco

"The Forum is a great way to bring together diverse stakeholders in order to improve the conditions for this unique, proven and reliable energy storage solution. Together, we strongly support the expansion of pumped storage capabilities worldwide to harvest the full potential of volatile renewable energy sources, like solar or wind. As hydropower equipment specialist, Voith is happy to bring in its expertise and experience with pumped storage technology."

Uwe Wehnhardt, President and CEO, VOITH Hydro.  

"We see a big opportunity in the future of hydropower, be it traditional storage and pumped storage. Hydropower is often forgotten as the largest source of renewable energy and has other useful qualities which we don’t find in wind and solar. "

Oivind Johansen, Assistant Director General at Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway

"The Forum is timely and opportune because hydropower, and pumped storage in particular, have not given the attention it deserve. Pumped storage is a proven technology and provides competitive, large and flexible, dispatchable storage. "

Benoit Revaz, State Secretary and Director, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Switzerland

"India has an aggressive and ambitious plan to decarbonise the country’s power generation. This would require a large amount of storage. The Forum would be of great help to India to achieve its ambitious renewable targets."

Aniruddha Kumar, Additional Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources, India

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